Reinforcing steel

Reinforcing steel produced in accordance with the national technical approval or the national standard, valid in the respective country. Our product has a circular or near circular cross section, that is suitable for reinforcing concrete.

Reinforcement mesh

Reinforcement meshes are prefabricated reinforcements made of intersecting bars.
They are made by arranging longitudinal and transverse bars of the same or different nominal diameters and lengths running at right angles to each other, welded by electric resistance spot welding machines at the crossing points. The material and surface are regulated by standards or approvals. Depending on quality requirements, design options by the user, delivery time and availability, we offer different reinforcing mesh solutions.

Reinforcement spacer

Various systems are available for supporting the upper reinforcement or for spacing reinforcement layers apart, e.g. in reinforced concrete slabs. The choice of a support system depends on the intended use, the design details of the reinforcement layout, the load during the construction process, the environmental conditions (corrosion protection) and the required support heights.

Reinforcing wire

Reinforcing wire in accordance with the national technical approval or the national standard, valid in the respective country.
Reinforcing wire is a smooth or profiled reinforcing steel that are offered as a compact coil or as straightened bar in different dimensions, Length, coil or bundle size.

Lattice girder

Lattice girders are prefabricated reinforcement elements according to the national technical approval or the national standard, valid in the respective country. They consist of a top wire, diagonal wire and one or two bottom wires. The top and bottom wires are connected with the diagonals by resistance spot welding. They are made of smooth, profiled or ribbed wire. Different systems are available depending on customers requirements. The wire of the lattice girders are available in ductlility classes A (standard ductility) and B (high ductility).

Lattice girders are used in different prefabricated concrete elements like walls and slabs.

Reinforcement elements

Reinforcement elements are usually ready-to-install parts for the concrete element production. The elements can be individually constructed by the user. Our elements ensures a high quality standard and gives the customers more effectivity in the production or on the construction site. Our posibilities starts by simple forms, up to complex elements.

Lifting anchor

Double wall lifting anchors are verified lifting point for precast concrete elements. They are used in double wall elements as an anchor point for fastening the precast concrete element to a load suspension device for transport and assembly. The lifting anchors are made of a special ductile steel with a nominal diameter of 14 mm, which is provided with a surface profile to secure the bond in the concrete.

Steel strip

Hot rolled steel strip is a particular hardened and improved material with best bending and spring qualities.

The finished steel strip is characterized by its very smooth surface and rounded edges. This characteristics are the best conditions for the processing. High stability, very good shaping and excellent spring characteristics are the foundations of high-quality industrial goods with special technical properties, like those used in the furniture and automobile industries, for example in spring mattresses, upholstered furniture, vehicle seats and oil dipsticks etc



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